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Parish Giving

We have had several requests from parishioners on how they can still help and contribute to the upkeep of the parish.  Our church needs your help in supporting our Priest and meeting the financial obligations and costs. 

For those who would like to continue to contribute you can make electronic deposits to the parish account using one of the following ways:


1. Direct Bank Transfer

You set this up when you wish, it can be a one off or regular.   Please contact the parish office to ask for our bank details.   Please use your envelope number (if you have) and initial and surname (example 123 M.Jones) as our referance.


2. Direct Debit

You fill out a form and we set it up according to your instructions.  Easy and convenient way for regular trouble free giving.  Please down load the form HERE.


3. Credit Card

The CDF have established a way to make a contribution via credit card called “Pay to Parishes”, link HERE if you wish to use this facility.


4. Envelopes

If you prefer, just put your offerings aside at home and contribute it as a lump sum when return to regular services.