Pulse of the Parish Reports


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Hopes & Dreams for our Parish (Step 1):

SOUP & CHAT WITH FR TONY Wednesday 4 September 2019


Thanks to those who provided our wonderful soups and to everyone who organized, participated and cleared up afterwards.   Great Team Effort!  About 50 people attended this, our first step to deciding what we as a parish community, want to do and to be, next year and beyond.

Fr Tony explained that the word “Synodality” means “TOGETHER ON THE WAY”.  The key to this “togetherness” is to recognise that, through our Baptism we are all called, we have been anointed, given gifts and sent   -  ALL of us.  He stressed that EVERYONE has something to contribute, to be, to do.  To be together we all need to LISTEN, SPEAK OPENLY and PARTICIPATE.

He went on to say, that in order to make this happen we need to have  an INNER CONVERSION  (understanding & appreciating the gifts we have from the Sprit and have a relationship with Jesus & God), SPACES & STRUCTURE (where we meet and discuss and be together—not necessarily the church or hall) and FORMATION (enable / allow / accept our own faith growth).

The Parish Pastoral Council will be discussing how we can move forward with this, to give EVERYONE a chance to speak, participate and listen, we welcome your thoughts—we want to be truly together on this journey.  

If you would like to have your say or be involved, please contact Fr Nic or the Parish Council.  (admin@leschenaultcatholicparish.com.au)


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