What is a Columbarium?

A Columbarium is a memorial wall or a group of walls designed to hold cremated remains. The term derives from a Latin word meaning “dovecote” – the dove being the symbol of divine love.

For many people raised in the Catholic Church a Columbarium is a new concept, but it actually has its roots in the early church when cemeteries were built on church property.

The Columbarium at Christ the Living Vine Church is designed as a group of memorial walls in circular enclosure.

A special feature of our Columbarium is the long term arrangements of the interment. A person’s ashes can remain interred until such time as either party, family or Church, terminates the contract.


Who may be laid to rest in our parish Columbarium?

The Columbarium will be reserved for use by Parishioners of the Diocese of Bunbury and their family, including step-family members and adopted family members.  Family members may be non-Catholic. 

Special consideration will be given to a request made by any person who, through regular worship or past connection, has a special affinity and love for this Parish.

There are eight Columbarium walls, each named after saints and early pioneers of our faith community

  • Saint Mary of the Cross
  • Saint John Mary Vianney
  • Saint Francis of Assisi
  • Bishop Peter Quinn
  • Bishop Miles McKeon
  • Fr Pat Rooney
  • Sister Claude McNamarra
  • Sisters of St John of God

How does a Columbarium benefit our community?

It means that those Parishioners who choose to be cremated are able to be laid to rest here in the Parish grounds, close to the Parish family.

For family members it means that their loved ones will still be part of the Parish life. Families have the comfort of knowing that their loved ones have been laid to rest on sacred ground and can be visited.

The Columbarium will add another dimension to the faith and worship life of the whole parish.


What are the costs involved?

The current cost of reserving either a single or double niche in the Columbarium can be obtained throught the Parish Priest.

The cost of the plaque is also borne by the family and is ordered through the Parish. The plaques are of a standard design with the inscription provided by the family. There is a prescription on the number of words and lines for the plaque. The process takes approximately six weeks for the plaques to be delivered.


Are there any restrictions or conditions on those applying for a niche or memorial plaque?

Yes, the parish takes its responsibility seriously in regard to the proper and respectful operation and maintenance of the Columbarium.  A set of General Conditions has been formulated and contain the parish policy for the running of the Columbarium.  A copy of the document can be obtained from the Parish Office.

How do I organise a niche?

Please contact us.