Parish Groups

Parish Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council consists of the Parish Priest and a group of parishioners.  The role of the PPC is to promote the Church’s mission to live and communicate the love and values of Christ in our community and to work with fellow parishioners to provide support for their efforts to live as followers of Christ.

To fulfill its role the PPC seeks and responds to the ideas, needs and concerns of parishioners, encourages and supports the good work of existing groups within the parish and sets long-term and short-term pastoral goals for the parish.

Executive Committee:  John Borsario (Chair),  Natasha Shields (Deputy Chair), Cath de Bona (Secretary)

The PPC meets monthly in the meeting room located at the back of the Church.

Parish Finance Committee

The state of the Parish finances is overseen by the Parish Finance Committee.  The purpose of the PFC is to develop current and future financial plans to meet the growth and needs of the spiritual and material requirements of our Parish community.  Through the Committee, the parishioners assist the Priest in administering Parish finances, maintaining existing Parish assets, planning future capital works, preparing budgets and raising the necessary finances for the operation of the various Parish services.

To achieve these goals the PFC relies on the continued generosity of parishioners to contribute to the second collection and planned giving envelopes.

The PFC meets as required.

Welcome Group

A wonderful group of people who visit newcomers and welcome them into the Parish community.


This group attends to the planning of various masses and liturgical ceremonies within the liturgical year.  They meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Weekly Bulletin

A Bulletin is prepared and distributed at our weekend masses.  Items for inclusion may be given to the Parish Priest or dropped into the box in the foyer of the church or e-mailed to our newsletter administrator at

Catholic Women’s League

The CWL is concerned with women, family, parish life, church ministries, social justice, human rights, bioethics.  The League operates at parish, diocesan, state, national and international levels and works with other community and church organisations.  The CWL is the only officially recognised national Catholic lay women’s organisation in Australia.  It fosters ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue and financially supports the following – seminaries in Perth, Linda’s House of Hope (Perth), Pregnancy Assistance (Bunbury),  Schools Chaplaincy Fund (local).  Support for these is made possible by the work of members together with the generosity of our local parishioners.  Meetings are held monthly.

The CWL motto is – “Charity Work Loyalty”

Communita dei figli di Dio Group

The Community of the Sons and Daughters of God is a religious family open to all who listen and meditate to the word of God, practice faith, hope and charity, contemplate and pray.   The spirituality of the Community is biblical, liturgical, eschatological and contemplative.  This spirituality is meant to help ordinary Christians who live in the world to recognise the divine Presence in the everyday,  individual and social events and experiences and to realize by living with docility to the Holy Spirit, one’s own personal vocation and particular mission.  The Community is not a charitable institution and has no activities other than this spiritual formation and practice.

Music Ministry

The music group enriches our liturgy with song.  It is an integral part of our celebrations.  The group meets fortnightly for practice.


This is for the handyman or woman.  Those who can maintain our Church and presbytery are welcome.  It is hoped to extend this to those who need help in our community.  Time given is flexible.

Floral Arrangements

A dedicated group who organise and arrange flowers for the Church each weekend and for special events.

Rosary – Statue

The Statue of Mary visits homes where Parishioners and their family/friends are encouraged to pray the rosary.